Objectives that generate interest in your products or services


+ Brand Awareness 

+ Reach 


Objectives that get people to think about what your offering and take action by seeking more information

+ Traffic


+ App Installs 

+ Video Views 

+ Lead Generation 

+ Messages  


Objectives that encourage purchases from your customers 


+ Conversions 

+ Catalouge Sales 

+ Store Traffic 

Social Media Marketing – Ad Campaign Objectives 


Your ad objective is what you want people to do when they see your ads. For example, if you want to show your website to people interested in your business, you can create ads that encourage people to visit your website.


The power of advertising is second to none and it takes expertise and vigorous testing to ensure your campaigns yield the biggest returns for your business. Do you want help launching your campaign? would you like some advice on how to choose what campaign objective is best for you?



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