Top Promotion Strategies For Your Blog Content

Gary Green
Gary Green
November 26, 2021

Traffic is key to the success of your business – each time someone visitors your blog, they can potentially be converted into a subscriber, customer or lead. However, if you’re getting no traffic, you’re getting no conversions, and that’s a problem.

It’s easy to see, then, why so many content marketers are working hard to promote content. After all, it isn’t about your content being the best, it’s about your content being the best promoted!

So, with this in mind, here are some top strategies to get you started.

Preparing For Publishing

When creating content, there are several strategies to put in place to make sure your article is engineered to gain traction. These include:

  • Asking related questions on social media platforms. Are people engaging with the post? Are they talking about it? Who has engaged with it? Do you understand the topic better after their input?
  • Align a keyphrase with your content so Google will help readers to find you. Do your research well and choose a phrase which is being regularly searched for and which you’re likely to rank for. Use that phrase at the start of your title, in the content’s header and a number of times in the text’s body.
  • Find phrases related semantically to the article then incorporate them into your piece. Touch lightly on related topics, answer related questions and make sure to go into more depth that other articles that you’re competing with.
  • Add quotes from influencers and experts. This expands your reach and helps you to optimize for social media.
  • Add some original graphics and diagrams as this makes content engaging and easier to promote.
  • Add links from old posts to your new one.
  • Add a button so readers can share your content on Twitter.
  • If your article is very long, add some anchor links to different subsections.

Promotion On Launch Day

Promote your content liberally on social media by including a benefit, a number, a special character, a question, a hashtag and a quote. Also make sure to mention sharers, commenters and contributors. Make sure you promote your content on LinkedIn as well as on Twitter and Facebook.

Social media videos are great commercials to promote your content. Make sure you add the campaign tracking code to your link and add captions and remember to ask for early engagement on your social posts.

If you have a team of workers, see if you can leverage their advocacy to share and comment on the post. Also, don’t just post on social media once – schedule future posts to be released at times of high traffic. Make sure that each post is unique though by sharing different data, quotes or visuals.

Once your post is up, follow some people with an interest in your topic and they’ll be more likely to follow you back. Quora is another useful forum to ask related questions and then add a link and mention for your article.

Don’t forget the importance of email marketing too. Choose a good subject line that can be seen even on mobile devices without getting truncated. Send out the article as a newsletter to your mailing list then follow it up 4 days letter with a “just in case you missed it” message. Make sure that your high-value contacts are emailed it directly. This includes influencers, editors, journalists and prospects.

Once the post is live, email any collaborators and ask them if they’ll help to promote the content. This includes anyone that you’ve mentioned in the text or quoted from.

Of course, it goes without saying that you should put your new content on your home page too.

Promotion Post-Launch

Evergreen content needs to be promoted for at least the next 6 to 12 months. So make sure you’ve scheduled up to 10 more social posts to be released in the future. You can also remake the article in a video format or as an infographic. Articles should also never be a one-off – create more pieces of content that refer to related topics then, when you have a library of related content, package them into a longer guide. You can then mention it in podcasts, other posts and to clients and prospects.

If your content is still failing to get traction, try rewriting it and republishing it. This will help to improve its relevance while preserving its authority.

Of course, it goes without saying that these tips to promote your content will be pointless if the content isn’t up to scratch in the first place. So make sure that the articles you’re promoting are top-notch. If you can achieve the perfect mix of quality content and great content marketing you can achieve the coveted goal of increasing your traffic and, thus, increasing your conversions and profits.

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