Content marketing is a marketing tool to create and distribute valuable information. Relevant and consistent content will attract and acquire a clearly defined audience.

The key to content marketing are the words valuable and relevant. All your content should be stimulating and an easy read. The individual must want to read it.

A lot of your customers will find your content via search engines. Your content is key here as it raises awareness of solutions and educates consumers about a product they may have never considered before.

Infographics, Podcasts & Videos

Infographics are generally long, vertical graphics that include statistics, charts, graphs and other information that increases the user’s knowledge.

If you have a timeless infographic it can survive on social media for years.

An interesting podcast can be heard by thousands and spread a message that, without the web, would have been only heard by few. Creating interesting, stimulating videos is also a great way to content market.

A lot of people think podcasts and videos cost a lot of money to look professional. But with the improvement of technology, these methods are becoming cheaper than ever.

3 Key Benefits

Content marketing has 3 main benefits. It leads to an increase in sales. Content is cheaper to put out than a whole advertising campaign. And it drives customer loyalty.

It’s therefore a key marketing tool to employ on the web, as long as the content produced is relevant and valuable to the customer.

It can also be fun and interesting to produce. You’re already an expert in your field (hopefully!), so share your knowledge. Write about what you know. Give genuine advice. Write the sort of articles you wish had been around when you were getting started.

In-House or Outsource?

The main decision you have to make when it comes to content marketing: do I create my own content, or do I outsource to a copy writer or SEO expert? Our advice is (as always) it depends!

If you enjoy writing and are able to produce good content every few days, then do it yourself. You’ll learn more about your subject as you write.

But maybe you struggle with writing. Maybe you find SEO baffling. Maybe you’d just prefer to spend more time on your business and outsource the content to someone else.

In which case, bring in an expert. We offer copy writing and SEO services to companies of all sizes. If you’d like to learn more, please get in touch.

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