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Gary Green

Gary is a chartered accountant by trade with his own practice Key Business Consultants LLP. He set up Key Business Marketing to respond to the needs of a lot of his clients and also his own businesses. He wants to alleviate the uncertainties and learning curve required of all modern entrepreneurs in having to uncover the mysteries of the digital world. He is committed to offering a fully managed media service within a manageable budget.

Alex Chubb

Alex is a copywriter with 20 years’ experience, covering everything from financial services articles to DVD reviews for movie production companies. He has a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Oxford, and is capable of writing in any style, from highly technical articles to friendly and approachable blog posts. Alex also heads up our marketing consultancy, paid advertising management and reporting, and website SEO services.

Jah Brown

Jah is a trial by testing digital marketer with a bachelor’s degree in advertising and marketing communications. He likes nothing more than accessing new platforms and finding out how they work. His areas of expertise range from business development, brand strategy, social media marketing and social media management. He joined us in 2018 and has gone on to work with an array of clients in various industries, including cyber security and management consulting.