A great way to increase the effectiveness of your marketing is to start a blog. But it can be hard to take this step. In today’s article, we’ll give our top tips.

Do you know you need to start a blog, but keep putting it off? Don’t worry. It doesn’t have to be hard work. And you don’t need to be a professional writer.

Blogging can be fun and it can be painless. It’s also incredibly effective, with the Content Marketing Institute reporting that 91% of B2B marketers rely on it to reach customers. Here are our top tips.

Write What You Know

Most people come to blogging from the wrong direction. They think:

  1. I’ve heard that content marketing is effective
  2. I should start a blog
  3. What shall I write about…

This is a recipe for:

  • A boring blog
  • A writer who will soon get bored and give up

Blogs are a pleasure to read when the author is writing about something he’s passionate about. And writers stick at a blog for the same reason.

Pick something you’re passionate about. Pick something that you love talking about, reading about and (yes!) writing about. Your passion will pour out onto the page, even if you’re not a particularly polished writer. And you’ll be far more likely to stick with the project.

Take Your Time

Writing is hard work. If you push yourself to write too much, too fast, you will burn out and lose interest. In the worst case, you could easily end up abandoning the blog before it starts to pay off.

Pace yourself. Don’t set yourself unrealistic targets of a blog a day, or three thousand word epics. Start small. Feel your way into writing. Maybe aim for something like:

  • A blog every few days
  • Most blogs around 300-400 words
  • Maybe one longer blog every couple of weeks

If you want to get your blog off to a fast start, you can always work with a professional copywriter who will be able to support you. This way your blog will have some content to get you started, while you develop your writing skills.

Think Long Term

Blogging, and content marketing more generally, is a long game. It’s not something that’s going to pay off immediately. You should be thinking in terms of months or even years, rather than days or weeks.

If you’re after immediate results, your best bet would be Google ads or Facebook ads. These can start sending you highly qualified leads as soon as you begin the campaign.

A blog is a slow-burn marketing strategy. Even great content will take a while for Google to crawl, index and rank. Potential customers might need to read several articles before deciding to buy from you.

But once it starts to work, there’s no better feeling than seeing leads come in straight from your blog. It’s the marketing equivalent of “passive income”.

If you’d like more blogging tips, or would like us to write articles for you, please get in touch.

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