1. What is Social Media Management?
2. How It Works
3. Packages & Prices
4. Optional Extras

What is Social Media Management?

Social media is vital for the modern business. It’s the single best way to build awareness of your brand, engage your customers and create some hype.

But social media can take up a lot of your time. Some experts recommend a couple of hours a day to really master a single channel like Facebook. Add in LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, and you might wonder if you’ll ever have any time to actually run your business.

That’s where we come in.

We can handle your social media strategy for you. We take over the day-to-day running of your channels, constantly feeding them with fresh content that will interest your audiences.

Our in-depth knowledge of small businesses ensures we craft effective content that boosts engagement. We’ll always keep you updated on progress, but you can take a step back to focus on running your business.


How It Works

Our social media management package is a four stage process designed for minimum stress and maximum results.

Social Media Management

  • Research

    Conduct audience and trend research

  • Plan

    Devise strategy to match your objectives

  • Manage

    Create content that matches your business

  • Monitor

    Track performance and engagement


In the research phase, we work together with you to learn everything about your business and your market.

Over a number of discovery calls, we dive deep into the history of your business and where you want to take it. We also send you a detailed brand questionnaire. This gives you a chance to focus your thoughts on what you want to achieve from social media marketing, as well as giving us the information needed to plan the campaign.

We also conduct our own research into your sector, target audience and competitors. By the end of this phase, you’ll know exactly where you potential customers are, what they’re looking for and the best ways to target them.


Now it’s time for us to plan your social media campaign. We take all the research – the trends, campaign objectives, audience data and brand insight – to create a bespoke social media strategy.

We’ll recommend the platforms to focus on, the content to use, the audience to target and the tone of voice to use. Everything is focused on what you want to get out of social media, whether that’s building brand awareness or driving sales.

Before sign-off, we send you a detailed strategy document to review. If you’re happy with the creative direction, it’s time to get started.


At this stage, you can sit back and let us handle everything for you. Your social media platforms will be ticking along in the background, building your brand and sending customers to your website.

Every day we’ll post fresh content, including all the hashtags and comments to get the conversation started. We’ll respond to customers asking questions or leaving reviews. And we’ll “like” and comment on other profiles to really build engagement with potential customers.


Once the campaign is underway, we track it every step of the way. By A/B testing, we discover exactly what strategies are the most effective. This allows us to tweak the content to maximise efficiency.

Each month, we send you a full monthly review. You’ll be able to see exactly how many followers you added, how many people have come to the website and what content is working the best.

But if you have any questions in the meantime, you have a dedicated account manager who you can call or e-mail. We’re always here to help, brainstorm and strategise!

To learn more about how we help small businesses build their presence online, check out our marketing tools.


Packages & Prices

We offer a range of packages designed for every budget. Our pricing is completely transparent, with no hidden extras.

Social Media Packages

  • Marketing Audit Questionnaire

    £45 + VAT per platform

  • Social Media Management

    From £250 + VAT p/m

  • Social Media Management & Marketing

    From £300 + VAT p/m

To fully maximise your sales, we recommend the Social Media Management & Marketing package. This means we set up and run Facebook ads, as well as managing your social media platforms.

It does involve a bit more cost upfront, because you have to pay for the ads themselves. But for a sales-focused campaign, this is be the most effective way to go.

If you’d prefer just to go for Social Media Management package, you can see all the features and benefits below. It will definitely help you build traffic and drive sales, but it will take a bit longer to get results than if you also use the paid Facebook ads.

We also offer a Marketing Audit Questionnaire. This gives you a chance to focus your thoughts on what you want to achieve from social media marketing, as well as identify anything you might have overlooked.

At this point, you can use the questionnaire to help guide your own social media campaign. Or, if you’d like us to do it for you, we’ll take the cost of the report off any of our packages.

Marketing Audit Questionnaire

Fixed price: £45 + VAT per platform

A detailed questionnaire focusing on your business, your sector, your target audience and your competitors.

Once you’ve completed the questionnaire, it’s yours to keep. Feel free to use all the information to refine your own social media strategy.

Or, if you’d like us to handle social media for you, sign up for one of our packages and we’ll take the cost of the report off your first month.

Fully refundable if you sign up for a monthly package

Social Media Management

From £250 + VAT p/m

Up to 2 social media platforms

We manage two social media platforms for you for you. You can relax knowing that there’s fresh and engaging content going up every day.

While you focus on running your business, your social media strategy will be running in the background: building your brand, promoting your products and engaging with your customers.

  • An average of 3 content posts per week (per platform) including hashtags, caption and graphic design for content creation
  • reputation management in the form of positive responses to received negative interactions
  • hashtag research conducted for all posts
  • Profile social engagement including commenting, likes and replies on your profile
  • links and calls-to-action to drive traffic to sales pages
  • 1-hour monthly review to discover insights and tweak targeting
  • dedicated account manager available during office hours

Payment terms: monthly in arrears

Termination terms: 3 months’ fixed and then 1 month’s notice

Social Media Management & Marketing

From £300 + VAT p/m

Up to 2 social media platforms

Everything from the Social Media Management package, plus a dedicated Facebook ads campaign to maximise sales in the shortest possible time.

Along with full social media management, we set up, manage and optimise a bespoke Facebook ads campaign. We use your social media data (plus industry research) to produce highly targeted adverts, which offer the quickest possible way to acquire new customers.

Includes everything from Social Media Management plus:

  • target audience research
  • campaign and advert creation
  • split testing to ensure that the best performing ads receive the most spend
  • advert management
  • data collection
  • Facebook pixel installation
  • retargeting
  • custom and lookalike audience creation
  • conversion tracking
  • monthly reports so you can check how things are going

Payment terms: monthly in arrears

Termination terms: 3 months’ fixed and then 1 month’s notice

Note: This option requires additional spend on the ads themselves. We work with you to decide the right amount, and we agree a maximum budget together ahead of time.


Can we help unlock your business’ potential through social media management?

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Optional Extras

The monthly social media packages include image creation for posting to Facebook and Instagram. We also create the adverts for Facebook ad campaigns.

Other than that, we use your existing brand and web assets (logos, articles, videos, photos and images). If you need any content created from scratch, our team of in-house experts can provide:

Optional Extras

  • Article - £20

    A 500 word SEO-friendly article you can promote via social media

  • Logo - from £70

    A professionally designed logo to use on your social media profiles

  • Landing Page (Design) - from £45

    A landing page you can direct traffic to from your social media

  • Landing Page (Design + Copy) - from £75

    Landing page plus up to 1000 words of sales & marketing copy

  • Social Media Banner - from £30

    A back banner for use on your social media profiles


Social media marketing is about adding value. If you want your social media platforms to grow and thrive, you need to be linking to great content. A great way to do this is by offering tips, advice and information that will interest your customers.

Alex, our in-house copy writing manager, can provide bespoke articles on any topic you like. As well as helping your social media strategy, the articles are great for building expertise and authority on your website. And, because they’re optimised for search engines, they’ll work with your SEO strategy too.

For more information, check out our monthly content management packages.


Social media profiles are no different from websites – they both need great branding. And the branding should be consistent every time someone sees your business: this includes physical assets like your business cards, letterheads and company documents.

It all starts with a great logo.

We can provide professionally designed logos and wordmarks for your business. We’ll work with you to design a logo that reflects your values and will work on any medium. This will ensure that your social media profiles convey your brand and work together with your website.

Landing Page

Once you’ve used social media to build and engage your audience, it’s time to send them to your website. This is where they’ll be able to learn more about what you’re offering. You might direct them to the homepage, a contact page, an article or any specifically designed “landing page”.

Having a great landing page is crucial. It’s usually the first time anyone comes into contact with your website, and you only have a few seconds to make a great impression.

If you need help with this sort of thing, we can design a landing page for you. Our landing pages will immediately grab your audience’s attention and keep them on the page – giving you time to explain why your business is great for them.

Sales & Marketing Copy

So you’ve grabbed your audience. You’ve directed them to a beautifully designed landing page. Make sure you don’t waste all that hard work with a load of boring text or pushy sales techniques.

The words on your landing page are critical. They should be interesting and intriguing to readers, while also steering them to get in touch, sign up, or buy your products/services.

If you’d like us to write it for you, we can provide up to 1000 words of engaging, compelling sales and marketing copy. Just give us a few bits of information to get started, and we’ll do the hard work for you.

Back Banner

Your social media profiles should have a consistent, professional look. If you have a generic banner (or one which doesn’t match the website branding) you risk losing trust with your customers.

If you have a back banner, we’ll make sure it’s used consistently across your social media profiles.

If you don’t have a banner, our designers can provide one for you. We’ll work with your existing branding (logos, pictures, website etc) to produce an attractive, attention-grabbing image that can be used anywhere you need a header. You could even use it on your website or on your marketing materials.

Can we help unlock your business’ potential through social media management?

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  • Create a buzz around your business

  • Increase engagement with your audiences




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